Two years have passed since we started to sing together with Alexandra. And by “sing together” I mean the fact that she became my vocal teacher. We are practising almost every weekend since then. We survived our first anniversary last year and then our first vocal concert. A lot changed in these two years, but our passion is still with us.

2nd singing anniversary

My own views on the vocal practice dramatically changed in past two years. I used to think that the higher you sing — the better it sounds. But now I don’t think so anymore. Now I’m tending to sing lower and more deeply thanks to Jonas Renkse, Ville Valo and Andy Biersack vocals. I loved their deep and low voices! My voice changed too. I’m not afraid to sing publicly, and I can sing a lot of various songs. My vocal range has widened: hard songs don’t look so hard at all.

The new vocal concert also will be held soon. We still don’t know where it’ll take place, and who will participate. A track list is still a dark horse too. But it’s almost a decided question.

I think that the vocal training is a very complex activity. It’s not all about singing, but also a confidence training which is good too. I like the way my voice changes with time. I’ve never thought that I’ll be able to sing at all and that I’ll gain all the knowledge and voice control abilities that I have now.

As time goes by, I begin to understand that there are no final goals in singing for me. I want to sing and learn new things, to record my covers and compose original songs. And become popular! Very damn popular!

In other news

I was contacted by Bandcamp support with a question regarding my covers compilations. As I don’t have permissions from covered bands, I was asked to delete these compilations as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’ll be banned and my original songs will be lost as well. Now I’m trying to understand how to upload my free cover songs on The Black Sessions website for listening. It’s very sad, but the law is the law.

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