This is why I love the black metal. This genre is so unique you can mix it with whatever genre you want and receive a good product in the end. “Into The Blue” by Abstract Void is a good example of the weird mixing which turned to be a good release. This is so good that it’s almost bad.

Into The Blue

I’ve never heard about “vaporware”, or “dreamwave” or whatever this genre is called. It’s something from the 80’s: easy listening, dance, electronic music, chillout, lounge and so on. Now I know that this genre can be mixed with the black metal. Abstract Void called this a “blackwave”. Another word that I probably will never use in my daily lexicon… It should be said the author used a lot of various tags to describe his music! He almost destroyed borders between genres. But it’s another question.

What is “Into The Blue”? I should admit that this release is really weird! Old school authentic synths with various arpeggios and effects, blackened tremolo guitars with grimy vocals and Zephyr atmosphere. You begin to laugh, dance, wave your head and so on. Just listen to it. It’s an amazing mix, and I’ve never listened to something like that before.


Melodic. This release is well-polished with great melodic components. It’s a vaporwave with a little bit of the black metal rather than a black metal with dance elements.

Original. The atmospheric black metal scene is overcrowded with similar bands, which sound similar to each other. It’s really hard to differentiate them. It doesn’t make any sense at all. “Into The Blue” is the candidate number one to be noticed in this endless flow of blast beats.


Length. This release is quite a short!


“Into The Blue” is very interesting release oriented to huge auditory of listeners. It’s positive and relaxing mood can be accepted by ones who have never listened to atmospheric black metal at all.

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