It was Saturday when our long-awaited trip to Helsinki has started. I hadn’t that much stuff with me but ordered a taxi anyway. I’m still ill, so I decided to stay isolated from people for an as long period of time as possible. By ordering the taxi, I also claimed that I don’t want to see people at all. After a short ride, I found myself in the middle of the night city wandering around an exit to the underground, waiting for my friend to arrive…

Autumn in Helsinki

There’s always something magical in these night ridings through the forests and by the roads. Visions getting obscured. It’s dark on the bus, and it’s dark outside. At some point, you are dissolving in the surrounding darkness and falling asleep. I’m trying not to cough and disturb other passengers.

Morning. Curious fox near the gas station, fog, sleepy suburbs of Helsinki, a dead bus station at Kamppi. We spent several hours waiting for something and then landed that northern coast. There’s always a place for discovery even if you exploring the area where you’ve been several times. What is it now? A tiny and calm street, drowning in fog and silence. An unusually loud sound of a falling leafs under your feet. An unexpected Russian language from the room of the house. I feel a little bit jealous. It’s probably a good idea to dig a little into the Finnish language.

Later, at the promised bridge. I have an acquaintance from Poland, who asked me to make several photos of Pitkäsilta bridge. I’ve never heard about this bridge, but it turned out that I’ve been there several years ago with another person. I’m trying not to think about this former reality. Some skeletons should stay in their closets. Suddenly I’ve met another person from my past on this bridge. It’s almost impossible! We hadn’t seen for ages in Russia and now met in a random city in random country miles away from home. A kind of situation you can’t explain and forget.

Some shitposted stuff from my Instagram: bridge meetings, me dubbing and other.

As time went by, Helsinki returned to life.

Autumn in Helsinki
This exact place. Four years ago

Sunday morning, pretty cold, lots of stories to be told. We wandered a lot and got significantly tired of our heavy backpacks. I called our hoster, and we moved to the place where we planned to live. It turned out that we haven’t even met with him as he gave keys to our room to a random guy in a local grocery store and left us detailed instructions how to acquire them. It was a really awkward situation! We entered our flat almost in the middle of the Helsinki and decided not to leave it until tomorrow. We had a bad sleepless night on the bus, then we wandered around with our bags for 9 hours straight. I didn’t feel my back, so we rested.

Briefly about the next day. It was cold and windy. A feel of the real autumn in the air, hot tea-to-go and tidal waves on the shore. Old park and a circus, railway station and EA Games office, quiet streets covered with yellow, red and green leafs and port districts. Random cemetery and post boxes. I made a lot of photos and recorded a video which I’ll probably show you soon. Autumn nights are always coming unexpectedly. You just find suddenly that it is evening, and city lights are glowing: it’s time to return home.

It was Tuesday when I’ve returned home from this trip. Other endless hours on the bus, another taxi in Saint-Petersburg. I get used to its cosiness and quiet warmth, comfort. As I sat in my room thinking about the ended trip, I made several uncomfortable conclusions, but it is a topic for another post.

Watch photos and try to catch the magic atmosphere which I still keep inside of me.

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