Deni Y. Béchard — “Vandal Love” (2006)


The first of three books I bought a week ago. Never heard of this author before but the book “Vandal Love” by Deni Y. Béchard was not a bad thing to spend a money and a time on. I’m always very sceptical when it comes to opening new authors. I prefer to read old and yet undescovered books by my favourite writers or await their new releases. Heading back in 2010 when I bought tonnes of various and unknown authors and was happy… Well, probably I should revitalise this concept.

Vandal Love

I started to talk about this book several days earlier.

[quote align=”” name=”The Black Sessions”]It’s a really strange book and the author presents himself as a fusion of Jack Kerouac and Gabriel García Márquez. This is a book about a big family, about wandering on the road and searching an own place in the constantly changing world.[/quote]

I stood around 10 minutes in front of the bookshelf and read the book plot. I wasn’t sure that I need this book but the village theme and a lot of descriptional elements are my eternal favourites, so I decided to give “Vandal Love” a try.

Book started with a brief history of the large Canadian family and its “curse”. All women in this family are giving birth only to giants and midgets (if this word is suitable for people). Giants are very strong, but dumb and poor emotionally while midgets (Lilliputians?) tend to be kind and educated children but dies in their adulthood.

Young Jude lost his little sister and moved to the US driven by the grief, willing to find his own path in this life as well as an understanding why several members of his family decided to abandon everything and move abroad. As the story unfolds we are observing Jude’s story and stories of his child and children of his child. Always on the roads of America close to nature, trying to find own goals in life…


Idea. I like this kind of books about hard workers and their simple goals in life. A simpler living, one with nature and so on. Even “Vandal Love” is the first (I’m not sure) book by Deni Y. Béchard, it has its own and solid style, and it’s relatively easy to read. You can feel the influence of Kerouac in almost every part of this book, but this fact is not a disadvantage. This book is strongly driven by the famous authors.


Ending. I absolutely loved how it has started and how it goes, but last pages of this book put me into the stupor. While I was reading this book I imagined another ending! It’s always really hard to withstand the wreckage of your dreams.


I think I’ll keep this book on my bookshelf. “Vandal Love” has some stupid moments and wtf’s, but the final impression is very warm and good. I enjoyed reading this book and I strongly recommend you to share my joy.

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