Eneferens — “Eventide” (2017)


A totally unexpected new release by my favourite Eneferens! I discovered this one man band last December and still very happy that happened.


As mentioned by an author he was burglarized several days ago, and all his gear was stolen by unknown persons. As he doesn’t like the idea of begging for money, he decided to record “Eventide” with the only gear which is left. This release will be removed from Eneferens Bandcamp page as soon as required amount of money will be raised, so it’s almost a rare release.


  1. Morning (Acoustic)
  2. Improvisation in G Minor
  3. Restless (40 Watt Sun Cover)
  4. Wander


Voice. It’s amazing! I can’t find words to describe the atmosphere which is created by his unique tone. It’s a good example that extreme vocals can mix well with clean ones.

Atmosphere. If I’ll ever record another acoustic doom songs, I will refer to this release as a masterwork. The atmosphere here is so brilliant, you want to listen to “Eventide” again and again. Songs are very calm, like a sea at the sunset. It reminds me of the cold and quiet nature of the North.


I wasn’t able to find any disadvantages in this release. Even it was recorded in a few days it sounds good and very clean. I think that the real talent can’t be stopped by the outer force such as robbery or illness. Eneferens proved it by this album.


I strongly recommend you to listen to “Eventide” and even buy it. Eneferens, well-known metal project, showed itself from a completely different perspective and opened an another side of founder’s talent. Songs are simple, but there’s something in them that can’t leave you indifferent. Even if you are not into North, doom metal and so on. Just try to listen to it once.

Album cover via eneferens.bandcamp.com