Fellwarden — “Oathbearer” (2017)


Not so long time ago I wrote about a band called “Fen”. It was a long and conceptual album and I struggled with myself while listened to it. Today I’ve listened to the atmospheric black metal project called Fellwarden created by one of the “Fen” members. Now I can say that the “Oathbearer” is the damn best atmospheric black metal release I’ve ever listened in the last four months. And I listened a lot!


I didn’t read the lyrics, but YouTube comments section is overfilled with “Hail Mother Europe” comments and other “white race” stuff. Actually, I don’t support demonstrations of this kind, so I just listened to music. It’s worth listening to. You won’t find anything really special, because music is quite a standard within this genre: keyboards, distorted guitar for background noise, harsh vocals, etc. But the overal mood is very good. It’s not depressive, but dark and heavy. Like endless clouds full of rain willing to drop their water on the barren land.

I thought about forests and wilderness. That’s what this music for. Keys are the cornerstone part of atmospheric black metal music. If they are dumb, your songs won’t work. “Oathbearer” demonstrates the ideal keyboard sound. It’s not very “blackgazed” yet, but not a symphonic already.


  1. Guardian Unbound
  2. Sun of Ending
  3. In Death, Valiant
  4. Wayfarer Eternal
  5. A Cairn-Keepers’s Lament
  6. Sorrowborn


Overall mood. “Oathbearer” is very different. Each track different from the previous one. It’s hard to judge atmospheric black metal albums track by track because they work only “as it is”. Without any doubt, this one works well. You can find clean vocals and classic black metal, depressive moments and even breakdowns as in original ‘Fen” too. Also, I want to mention especially acoustic guitars. Their tone is amazing.


WP. All this nationalistic shit in the comments. Listen to the music and don’t share your beliefs until asked.


Worth listening. I wasn’t able to find any bad sides in this release. I listened to it yesterday and now I’m listening to it again.

Album cover via fellwarden.bandcamp.com