Forests of Pavlovsk


As promised, here’s the bunch of photos from the Pavlovsk trip mentioned earlier.

Forests of Pavlovsk

The more I walk in the forests — the more I find that nature is a completely different world. The warm and loud city turns into the cold and quiet wilderness, and even the air smells different. And you become something different too.

My route has changed a little over these years. After the entering of the Pavlovsk park, I turn to the left to one of the numerous small pathways. I’m trying to avoid main roads as I don’t want to encounter people here and there. I walk through the forest and then across the field. I see people at the forest stream bank and dive into the woods again.

[quote align=”” name=”Paranoid Parade”]

Midnight at the crosswalk, a line of lost children
Summer will begin when the wind blows
Before I know it, it’s T-shirt season again
And there’s a different person from last year at your side
Midnight at the crosswalk, a line of lost children
A summer we can never go back to again begins


I’m trying to find something new each time I visit the Forests of Pavlovsk.

This day I almost lost on a faraway road “somewhere at the bottom of the river between Vega and Altair” (what?), but found a way back. It’s really hard to describe this kind of trips because it’s mostly emotional, not a real experience. Air is filled with insects as my head with thoughts. In my thoughts, I’m far away from this place and this time. I’m not alone. Actually, I’m not alone here too, but I don’t like to write about people without their permission. With a couple exceptions, of course.

I’m planning to create a video with a footage of this trip too. I was testing my new camera and found it amazing! I’m happy like a child with a new toy. So, photos.