Frozen Shadows — “Hantises” (2004)


I got tired of all these similar atmospheric black metal releases with equal songs and keys and even vocals, so I decided to go back to the roots and listen to some traditional black metal. The randomised search engine has shown me this release, and I consider it as a good luck because it was everything I ever needed.


While listening to “Hantises” from this previously unknown black metal band Frozen Shadows, I travelled back into my past in my university years where I first met with the whole genre. I’m remembering old and classic Immortal songs and albums: “Battles In The North”, “Pure Holocaust”, “Blizzard Beasts” and the modern Rimruna band as well. It’s pure, raw and uncompromising!

“Hantises” is not only about raw black metal (although the sound quality is pretty good, I still mark this release as “raw” and “old school” — it’s the matter of my own opinion). I’ve found in its songs depressing and cycled riffs which are common for DSBM too. Sometimes this release is lacking blast-beats. It’s similar to the very first Immortal album “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism” which was very close to the old school thrash and Bathory-oriented releases. This album also set the high standards of the black metal for me. That’s why I was glad to listen to something similar. It is not bad to copy professionals.


  1. As Old as Time Itself
  2. Des siècles d’épitaphes
  3. Battered Souls
  4. À l’ombre du Mal
  5. Through Fields of Mercilessness
  6. Darkness Enfolds
  7. Strangled by Fear
  8. Towards the Chambers of Nihil


Black metal. This release is not pretending to be something else. It’s not that modern post-black or blackgaze or atmospheric black fangirling stuff. It is simple, powerful and memorable.


Repetitiveness. Some people may find it boring, but there’s nothing to do about it. Minimalism always was the feature of this genre.


Definitely, “Hantises” is worth listening if you got tired of modern and not-so-true black metal releases!

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