Lacrimosa — “Angst” (1991)


“Angst” is the first album by Lacrimosa which I, unfortunately, listened too late and missed years of knowing this amazing piece of art. It all has started in 1991 with this dark wave synth-created album and still goes on.


Well, honestly I didn’t get it on the very first listening. I’ve never listened to dark wave before, and it was hard to understand and accept this sound. I should probably say that I sometimes think that after all these years I still can’t understand “Angst”. Even it is almost one-synth recorded, the music is complex and has multiple layers.

“Angst” is very depressive and a little bit naive, but I consider it as an advantage. These heartbeat noises and CPB stuff… I can name you probably ten bands with songs using these effects.


  1. Seele in Not
  2. Requiem
  3. Lacrima Mosa
  4. Der Ketzer
  5. Der Letzte Hilfeschrei
  6. Tränen der Existenzlosigkeit


Atmosphere. In my own opinion, “Angst” is even more atmospheric than Lacrimosa’s last release which I reviewed here. A presence of the Sad Clown is strong there at this fair.

Vocals. Although I don’t like Tilo Wolff vocals, I should admit that he did his best on this release. His voice is somewhat unique with a wide range from very low and harshly whisper to a high pitched scream.


Poor instrument planning. I know that “Angst” is a dark wave and TRVE CVLT, but it’s too damn minimalistic even for me! This album was boring from time to time, but this boringness is not affecting my final perception.


“Angst” is a good album. A little bit hard for understanding and accepting, but complex yet hiding a lot of secrets. I will recommend it for people who want to understand gothic from the different angle and even open new horizons for own art.

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