Lacrimosa — “Einsamkeit” (1992)


“Einsamkeit” is the second album by my favourite goths Lacrimosa. This album is following Lacrimosa’s debut release “Angst” and extending dark wave genre with various instruments. Nevertheless “Einsamkeit” is my least favourite album which I’m listening to almost never. The album shows, how Tilo Wolff grew up during this year. The music is more serious and stable, more sad and depressive. A collaboration with various musicians has given this release the taste of metal, but it doesn’t make sense.


If someone will ever be asking me about my opinion on “Einsamkeit”, I probably say that this album is boring. I’ve listened to it twice in a row and wasn’t able to remember any particular song. Yep, there are guitars, basses, drums and screams sometimes, but the overall mood of this album is very sleepy.


  1. Tränen Der Sehnsucht — Part I & II
  2. Reissende Blicke
  3. Einsamkeit
  4. Diener Eines Geistes
  5. Loblied Auf Die Zweisamkeit
  6. Bresso


Keys. I should admit that keys are amazing on “Einsamkeit”, this is the gift of Tilo Wolff that we can’t deny. But only keys is not enough for a good album! I know, that “Angst” was almost perfect with only keys being used in the process of recording, but the better quality cap you set for yourself — the bigger responsibilities you have to face. All these guest musicians, horns and whistles have moved Lacrimosa from a promising dark wave project into a solid gothic rock bands niche.


I decided to leave this blank as there enough was said.


Although I do not like “Einsamkeit”, I nevertheless will recommend it for a wide audience. This album has its own style and atmosphere, a slight touch of metal music and promising songs. This is how it all began a long time ago, and how masterpiece releases such as “Echos” were born.

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