Mavradoxa — “Lethean Lament” (2017)


I decided to listen to this band because of their name which sounds strange in Russian. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. This band hasn’t become one of my favourites, but I enjoyed this hour of listening to “Lethean Lament”.

Lethean Lament

What is this? I still don’t know. I spotted this band on the YouTube Atmospheric Black Metal channel, but “Lethean Lament” seems not to be the atmospheric black metal at all. This album is very complex and songs provide a variety of genres: post-black metal, melodic doom metal, dark folk and so on. When I listened to it I thought about early releases of Katatonia and Harakiri For The Sky, then — about Alcest and Agalloch.


  1. Cicadan
  2. The Phantom Visages
  3. Crimson Waves of Autumnal Flame
  4. Across the Nival Grove
  5. From Fog
  6. Metanoia


Variety. Songs are very different! You can find calm and dark acoustic riffs, blast beats and tremolo guitars which sound like a shit actually. Clean woman vocals and harsh screams. It’s really hard to define the album genre, but also it’s a good side because the album is not boring. One hour is quite a long time, but you don’t get tired of listening.

Cover. Forest is a common and a cliche theme for various black metal oriented releases but I should admit that “Lethean Lament” cover looks pretty good. The logo and the style are well designed.


Mastering. All songs sound different. It feels like they recorded and mixed the album, not in a bulk but the song by song.


Worth listening. A long and well-designed album with a plenty of various songs which create nice and dark atmosphere. You probably will find this album a little bit secondary comparing to other post-black metal bands, but nevertheless, it is still good. Mix Alcest with Harakiri For The Sky and add a little bit of doom metal riffs and you will get “Lethean Lament”.

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