This week started with an amazing one day trip to the neighbouring town called Vyborg. It is near the Finland border. I like the northern nature, but I’ve never been in Vyborg since that Monday. It is almost 2,5 hours by the train from the Saint-Petersburg, but nature is dramatically different! So we (I am and patootie) took a morning train and travelled through the country to the north.

A day at the Mon Repos park

Our goal was to visit the famous Mon Repos park which was used as the residence of Baron Nicolay centuries ago. We arrived at the Vyborg after the long trip in the hot train close to the English-speaking family with screaming children. My head was like a pumpkin! It was a surprisingly warm day, and I wasn’t ready. I took off almost everything from myself, but it was still warm!

I didn’t enjoy Vyborg: it is a small and dusty town with the famous fortress in the middle which was closed due to the renovation. Everything looks very old and rusted, covered with dirt and dust. All small towns look like each other, but everyone is different in its abandonment. We took a bus and rode through the city to the final destination point — Mon Repos park.

Well, what can I say? I liked its big stony beaches and forests, harbours and quiet paths under the trees. But for the well-known tourist centre, this park is very poorly prepared. This trip was very time-consuming: one hour from the house to the train station, then two hours by the train and then half of an hour by the bus and feet. There are no toilets in the park! The only one we have spotted was closed, so people had to do their business in the bushes. Adding the entrance fee, it is very strange!

But enough words. I’ve taken a bunch of photos there and even created another On The Road series video.

I get everything I wanted from that trip: I travelled by train (love trains!), walked in the forest and climbed hills here and there. Nothing to be said more.

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