Omega — “Eve” (2017)

The creepiest album ever!


“Eve” is the darkest, the most terrifying and depressing metal album I’ve ever listened to in the past year. I’ve never thought that it’s even possible to record such a monster. I found this band on the atmospheric black metal YouTube channel, where I’m usually listening to various old and new black metal releases. It’s really hard to expect something unusual from the atmospheric black metal genre: the most repetitive and predictable subgenre of this extremal music. Well, I was terribly wrong!


Omega mixed the black metal, doom metal and drone music in their new “Eve” release and produced very fresh and unusual album which lead you through the personal cosmos of nightmares, dark abysses and neverending voids. Based on the mysterious Voynich manuscripts, the Omega with this monumental work manages to bring us into the world of shadows. Written in the 14th century is considered the most mysterious book in the world, so today it is not possible to understand what this book really does.


  1. Arboreis
  2. Sidera
  3. Mater
  4. Laudanum


Atmosphere. This album is very dark and depressing. As it contains several drone elements, you can expect quite long songs with monotonous guitar riffs, low and disturbing tone and various miscellaneous side effects: screams, cries, church bells and howling winds. Dissonance keys make “Eve” even creepier. This kind of albums is the thing you can’t just ignore and listen to it somehow in the background. “Eve” is good for its consistency, atmosphere of fear and organisation of song’s elements. This album is nothing on the single track basis. If you decided to listen to “Eve” — free yourself an hour and listen to it from the beginning until the end.


Headache. Omega’s album is only for prepared listeners! Songs are long and disturbing with their repetitiveness, basses are loud and somewhat badly edited. Vocals are rare.


“Eve” is a unique album by its unlikeness to other atmospheric black metal releases. You definitely should give this release a try (as well as this).