Paradise Lost in Saint-Petersburg. “Clubzal” 2017.05.19


Friday’s evening struck me in the head with the decibels of sound as I moved my mortal and tired after the first working week body to the local concert. My brother gave me two tickets on Tuesday as a birthday gift, so I took my girlfriend and we together went to the concert of the Paradise Lost, a well-known English band, which stood at the very beginnings of gothic metal and doom-death metal. My all-time favourites, Katatonia, were heavily influenced by this monsters from Halifax.

Paradise Lost in Saint-Petersburg

We waited for a little in front of the stage, and then warm-up has begun. Never heard of Greece band Fallen Arise before, but they were really amazing. A mix of a gothic and death metal with super hot and sexy singer. A sound quality was also good. They performed for 30 minutes and then after a short break, Paradise Lost has begun their show.

I’ve never seen them perform live before this tour. They were loud, heavy and sad. All as planned. The club was overcrowded. In the middle of the club, someone has started a mosh with circle pit and slam. Drunk bodies flew here and there, everyone shouted, jumped and sung. It was so astonishing! I was stunned. Despite a fact that I never was a Paradise Lost lover, I should admit that live performances change a lot in the band’s music perception. So now, after this show, I begin to love Paradise Lost a little bit more.

One moment that really pissed me off… I know, that it’s not a band’s fault, but club gear gets failed. At the end of the show, on the encore, Paradise Lost members were forced to restart one of my favourite songs due to an enormous feedback between the speakers and a bass.

Now I’m happy to realise that I was a part of this show. You can’t know for sure will you ever see this band or another live again. So I’m fortunate now.

Fallen Arise photos are here. Paradise Lost photos are here. Registration (probably) required.