Project 365 of 2017: Days 106–112


The last week of this unsurprisingly cold and rainy summer! I wrapped up my last experiences, managed to do my deeds faster and even started to learn Japanese again in my school. I’m very excited and I don’t know where will it get me.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 106–112. Japanese language and thoughts

Day 106

A new working week started with a cold snap. Autumn is starting to claim what’s belong to it. It’s getting dark early and mornings are already dark and cold. Soon, very soon everything will dress in green and yellow, and the time of The Autumn Adventures will start. I’m planning to apply for a new visa this or the next week and then travel to Finland. My vacation starts in October so it’s very important to catch the last train and get all the papers needed for the country leaving.

Watching this. I don’t remember have I posted it earlier or not, this song is amazing.

Day 107

Another doctoring day. I hate these days, but it seems that I have nothing to do with that.

Day 108

Project 365 of 2017: Day 110

Today I got late for my work for the first time in several years. I basically got up at the time when I’m usually leaving my home. In the end, I arrived at the work almost in time, so tomorrow I’m planning to get up a little bit later and test if I’ll be able to do my everyday morning routine faster. The only reason why I got late was my phone which has a stupid feature to glitch silently in the standby mode: the only way to wake it up is to do a hard reset. This time it glitched in the night and didn’t turn on my morning alarm. I was so angry that even decided to buy myself a new phone, but then I calmed down and threw out this thought from my head.

Day 109

I got up later and came to my work in time. It’s so cool to understand that you can do your deeds faster and sleep a little bit more without any future harm for your schedule. I wonder where I was for the last four years? I tend to think that my mobile phone glitching wasn’t a bad episode of this week.

Day 110

I decided to cut off my top knot and visited a barber today. We know each other for more than three years and as he changes his workplaces, I travel after him. I welcome my short haircut again! In next few weeks, I’m planning to dye my hair grey again.

Day 111

Project 365 of 2017: Day 111
Somewhere in the school

Today was the first day of my Autumn Japanese Sessions in Momiji school. My Tsubame group was set on hiatus two months ago, and now we’ve started to learn the Japanese language again. Also, I’ve met with my old administrator. She lived in Japan last year, so we weren’t able to speak in real life. Now we’ve met again and discussed several topics.

My favourite Japanese language teacher, Kota-sensei, is still in Japan, but he’ll return soon in September. I was afraid that I’ve forgotten everything he has taught me, but this first lesson showed me that everything is not as bad as I was afraid of.

Day 112

I spent this day at home working on my website and planning my September schedule. I decided to create short “to-do” lists for every day and an overall weekly plan, so I’ll be able to monitor all my activities.