Project 365 of 2017: Days 11–13


These three days weren’t very busy for me. I again read a lot: started to gain a joy from my new e-book and finally understood how convenient this gadget is. I still love paper books with whole my heart though.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 11–13. Japanese language and a ukulele

Day 11

Project 365 of 2017: Day 11
My friend

My old friend came to visit me today. We spent a beautiful evening together drinking tea and watching videos about people’s stupidity, talking. She also gave me a birthday present (a bag for preserving my food from the heat) which I already began to use. The day was filled with writing routine: I have written several letters in different towns, completed my diary with up to date notes and practised Japanese letters and kanji for my Saturday classes. I’m enjoying the process of writing. It makes me calm and clears my head from various stupid thoughts.

Day 12

Project 365 of 2017: Day 12
My new e-book

As I finished all the current tasks, there was nothing to do at the work. So I read all the day and improved my website. The book I’m currently reading is very big and epic. I think I’ll write a review in several days when I’ll manage to complete it. I simply don’t like to run in front of the train. This book is so complex that I had changed my opinion one or two times since the very beginning. Also, my girlfriend has a birthday tomorrow which she decided to celebrate in Estonia, so I came to visit her today and gave her birthday gifts.

Day 13

Project 365 of 2017: Day 13
Little baby

Three hours of Japanese language today with my favourite Kasahara-sensei. After that, I went to nearest music store and bought a ukulele for my acoustic project which will be announced soon. My new instrument is not very expensive. I decided to buy a simple working horse for my needs and for learning purposes. If I’ll come to the conclusion that I like to play the ukulele then I’ll probably change my instrument. But for the first time, I just need to try and to check some of my ideas.