Project 365 of 2017: Days 113–119


Another tough week! I did a lot of very important deeds, was disappointed once and happy twice or even more.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 113–119. Visa application

Day 113

Today I applied for a visa in our local visa centre. This is a standard Schengen document lasting two years. I’m planning to visit Finland again in the beginning of the October, so it’s very important to get this visa as soon as possible. I hope that everything will be okay with my papers and I succeed.

Day 114

A day with my bae. Spent a huge amount of money on new Autumn clothes as it’s getting colder and colder in Saint-Petersburg. I don’t buy new clothes often. Usually, I renovate my wardrobe only when clothing is totally tattered and worn off. Sometimes it’s all happen at one time, so you have to buy everything.

Day 115

I planned to spend this evening with my guitar student, but she didn’t come and send me a mail just 5 minutes before the time we are usually starting at. I hate this kind of situations and I’m very disappointed in that person. I don’t know how’s it even possible to forget to notify your teacher that you’ll be late at work and won’t come at all?

Day 116

Today I started to create a special dedicated page on my website where users will be able to listen and download my music. I have a Bandcamp account where you can buy my original music, but this website is restricted for creators of various covers. That’s why I decided to upload them here and make them downloadable. My original music is also will be playable via the Black Sessions, but without the option to download them. I still want to change my guitar strings from time to time. This all is related to my arrangements as well. You’ll be able to download several songs for free.

Day 117

Still working on my musical page. As I’m writing this post in a “past-mode”, this page is absolutely ready for the current moment. You can check my work here.

Day 118

Spent a day with my bae trying to buy myself a new glasses (failed) and learning new grammar rules on the Japanese language lessons. We started this season last week and slowly but surely gaining speed and this special “learning mood” which was lost during the Summer. We still don’t have our constant Russian and Japanese teachers. This two weeks we practised with a substitutive teacher. Also the next week Kota-san will probably return to our school from his Japanese vacation. The head of the Momiji school has offered us to divide our weekly classes into two parts and practise every week both with the Russian and Japanese teachers. Earlier we learned Japanese one week with a Russian teacher and another week with Kota-san. It sounds like a good idea.

Day 119

Today was a big room cleaning day! I removed all the garbage and cleaned all the cleanable surfaces. Now my room is a nice place for living again. I was busy this evening as I started to write three new arrangements for the acoustic guitar and the ukulele. I haven’t posted new music videos for a while, so it’s time to write something new I assume.