This week was dedicated to music. Also, I received my new Visa and ready for the journey!

Project 365 of 2017: Days 120–126. A common week

Day 120

Everyone in the office is on their vacation, and I’m sitting here almost alone. I was granted with a huge amount of the new and hard work, and the time goes very fast.

Day 121

I finished one of my new arrangements and started to write something completely new and different. But it is still a secret which you will know soon.

Day 122

I left my work a little bit earlier than usual and rode to Visa Center, where finally received my papers. Now I’m geared up and ready for my Finland vacation!

Day 123

This day and another one was dedicated to the website updating. I decided to upload my arrangements here and make a part of them free for download.

Day 124

I checked all my arrangements and came to the conclusion that four 4 of my tablatures will be free for everyone and another 11 will be paid. I don’t see any reason why should I make them all free. These arrangements are the mixture of my free time, effort and passion. I want them to work on me.

Day 125

Finally, a long-awaited singing lesson with my teacher! We haven’t sung for a while, and I was afraid that I will fail today, but it turned out to be okay. Even if you haven’t sung for months, you still can perform good, because it’s like a bicycle riding: once learned, you will never forget how to ride. Back to my Japanese language lessons. My favourite teacher, Kota-san, has finally returned from Japan, and we had our first lesson together in this Autumn session. He told us about his vacation and we shared our thoughts. As it was said before, we don’t have separated lessons anymore. Japanese and Russian teachers are teaching us together on the same day. I’ve found this system very interesting and promising!

Day 126

I spent this day at home. I thought that my guitar student will come to me and finally practise guitar skills, but she got ill, and my plans were ruined again.

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