I haven’t shitposted here for a while. To be honest, sometimes I thought that it could be a good idea to leave it as it is and start something new. But, well, I started a lot of projects and didn’t finish even a single one. So I grabbed my will and decided to write this post. These two weeks were hard and boring as a hell. I’ve done almost nothing at all! This is another cause of my absence.

Two weeks of nothingness

Past week. Days 127–133

As my head is a leaky bucket, I’ll let myself to write one post in this category without dividing it on days. I simply can’t remember, what I did and when. Last week I had a lot of work to do before my vacation. I had a lot of important adult affairs and meetings with very serious people. I also thought that I will finish all my tasks this week (I’m currently posting in) and go on my vacation with the light heart. But I got ill! I’m always getting ill like three days or a week before something very special and important. I should admit, this one struck me as hard as possible.

This (almost) week. Days 134–138

All this week I’m sitting at home, feeling myself really bad. I’m not doing anything from planned tasks, not playing guitar and not working. I just sit or lay straight and that’s all. Days merged into the one big and long day without the beginning and the observing end.

But it wouldn’t be the truth if I say that nothing happened with me at all. For example, I ordered and even received a new glasses. I won’t show you a photo right now because I’m ill and not looking enough good for the mandatory selfie. I also composed a new arrangement for a ukulele. This one is for Panic! Ath The Disco “Death Of A Bachelor” song.

Listening to these cuties!

Also, our Tsubame community was updated with a new amazing student which knows Japanese very well. I hope she’ll stay with us. Tomorrow I’ll star my northern travel: tired, ill but still excited.

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