Project 365 of 2017: Days 14–18


Summer has come. It’s still quite cold in Saint-Petersburg and I’m afraid that my plants will die. This week was busy for me as I was involved in several conferences on my work. I work a lot now, but still can’t get a joy from that process. I hate last weeks of every month because it’s time to do bills-related things and to make a conclusion about effectivity.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 14–18. Website updates and a new camera

Day 14

I spent all the day recording my new video of the arrangement I wrote one year ago. “The Funeral Of Hearts” by HIM is quite a hard arrangement! I spent several hours trying to remember how to play it and two hours more to completely record it and to make a video. I’ve promised myself to never compose such hard arrangements again. You compose it for recording, a record for video making, and make a video with the strong feeling that you’ll never play this song again. “Hard” is not equal to “good”. Good that I can understand it now.

Day 15

Project 365 of 2017: Day 15
My diary for this year. Almost finished it though

I decided to improve my video quality and ordered a new camera today. Now I’ll be able to start from a scratch my “On The Road” project and to take better photos for my blog. Mondays are usually very busy for me because I write it my regular paper diary. I don’t like to make big entries every day. I write in my notebook most important things that happen and every Monday and Thursday I fill in my regular diary. It helps to train my memory a little. So today I wrote. I make regular entries since the autumn of 2010 and didn’t miss a day since then.

Day 16

Project 365 of 2017: Day 16
Canon EOS M3
Image via

Today I paid for my new camera. This purchase made a huge breach in my monthly budget but I don’t regret a thing because it will help me to make a better content for my project. I bought my old camera almost 11 years ago and didn’t change it. That’s why my pictures are always of poor quality. Now I hope that these problems will go away in the past.

Day 17

Project 365 of 2017: Day 17
Examples of book covers I created

Posted a lot of pictures today. The website is still in the maintenance mode, and I’m trying to improve it every day. Now I’m working on pictures for old articles about books and plants. I decided to create them manually so they’ll be original. Everyone can google a picture and insert it in the post, but I want my posts to be unique. I use this website for creating my regular graphic-related stuff for The Black Sessions. I don’t have any specific skills in designing things which are not related to engineering professions so I found that using templates is a good option for me.

Day 18

Read a lot today. Still, can’t finish an epic book by James Clavell but somewhere near the end!