Project 365 of 2017: Days 153–161


This week was dedicated to my vacation. I’m still ill but was released from my home sitting duties into the wild.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 153–161. Vacation

Day 153

I’m not ill officially, but it’s only officially as I was released from my illness with a variety of symptoms which are still affecting me. I also missed my Japanese classes today as I had to visit another doctor again.

Day 154

Sitting at home. I started to work on my new arrangement. It’s probably a good idea to have it to be very simple and minimalistic as I’m planning to add multiple vocals in this cover. I haven’t experience in creating complicated vocals, but I think that it’s better to start practising as early as it possible.

Day 155

Today I visited my work and submitted papers for a new vacation! It means that I have a week to rest and do my deeds. Also, I knew that one of my colleagues has left work for good and shared his work among ones who left. I probably will write a dedicated post to my job situation soon as I have much to tell you.

Day 156

I’m beautiful again (a kind of…)! Just visited my favourite barber shop and met with my friend who creates my haircut for almost 4 years. We talk about books and films often, and he doesn’t like my dyed hair though I still want to dye it once per month or two.

Day 157

I dedicated all this long and rainy late autumn day to composing. I’ve managed to finish my arrangement and very proud of it. The song is called “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes. I’ve never heard of this band before I actually saw a cover version performed by First Aid Kit band. I absolutely loved it and decided to create my own version and very excited about upcoming recording.

Also, this day was memorable by the review I wrote for a band metal band which sent me their new album. I’ve never worked with bands or labels and was very happy to do something important! This review was warm welcomed which I consider as a success.

Day 158

I didn’t feel good today and slept all the way long. I missed my meetup with Patootie, and we both weren’t happy about that. This evening was spent in the recording.

Day 159

Today we’ve finally met with Patootie and spent an evening together. Achievements of this day also contain finished song and even recorded video, which I will edit tomorrow.

Day 160

It’s probably a kind of milestone today: I finally was able to untie my Japanese classes mates’ tongues, and we talked a lot. I think that we can even be friends!

Day 161

Last day of my vacation was filled with video editing and internet chatting with new Japanese mate. We have a lot in common, and it’s very interesting and fresh experience.