Anger is a destructive emotion. And I hate these days when it overwhelms me.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 19–21. Anger

Day 19

Spent all the day reading book. I wrote about it earlier. I’m writing about Friday stuff on Tuesday so it’s a little bit complicated: but I thought all this through and my opinion about Clavell’s book didn’t change. Also, it was the first book I’ve managed to finish on my new e-book reader. A milestone! No pictures for today because I’m a slothful arse. So check out these cuties.

Day 20

Another Saturday, another Japanese language classes. I spent almost a month in my new community. Everything is fine except one specific person who still can’t control himself in his thirties. It’s impossible to learn new things with him and it pisses me off! If you are silent for 20 seconds trying to remember the correct word or an answer — he will do your job. If it’s your turn to translate — he will start without a permission and translate a half of the text before the teacher and other students will be able to shut him up. The Tsubame community is good actually (at least they are polite) but this single person ruins everything.

Project 365 of 2017: Day 20
My prayer’s corner

I was really angry. I wanted to go to sing this evening, but the summer in Saint-Petersburg is unpredictable. Suddenly it’s cold and windy, and you are tired and wet. So I stayed home playing the ukulele and trying to relax.

Day 21

Studying Japanese all the day. You can pretend that all the knowledge will suddenly fly into your ear and stay in your head forever but it’s not true. The Japanese language doesn’t work that way. You sit and you learn, then you repeat again and once more. And there’s still a big chance of the failure.

The weather is still a bitch so I’m trying to stay home as long as possible. I hate our summers! And springs, and winters… Only an autumn is always an Autumn. The most honest season in my region. Or should I write “kisetsu”? Yep, it is better.

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