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Project 365 of 2017: Days 36–40. Website updates

Day 36

I’m still working on my Katatonia arrangement. Can’t find a good sound for my guitar. The current one ruins everything, I just can’t achieve the right atmosphere! And without an atmosphere, it is not Katatonia anymore. So I decided to make the second copy of the arrangement and mix it from the scratch. The sound now is very crisp but I want it to be smoother.

Day 37

I’ve finished to edit my arrangement and sent it to a couple friends. I usually don’t act like that but this time I couldn’t resist. Also, I sent an email to my old audio recording teacher and tried to make an appointment with him. Vocal editing is a very large and hard discipline. I think that I might need his help as the majority of forums provides with contradictory information.

Day 38

There’s still rain season in Saint-Petersburg. It’s raining from the night until the day and from the day until the night again. Everything is dark and grey, people are sick and ill and the mood is somewhere below the bottom of the sea. I continued to work on my website. With one of the last updates, the theme I’m using has completely changed. I decided to fix my tags to all of the posts and slightly improve the category pages. It’s a hard work but I think that I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Day 39

Project 365 of 2017: Day 39
New Art School
Image via kudago.com

Finished my optimisation work. Now the related posts section works better than it was and shows a lot of relevant posts. After the day I decided to abandon my drawing classes I almost didn’t draw. I wasn’t able to find a motivation or a goal to do this. I was very disappointed in New Art School, very sad and lost. I’ve not learned how to draw but gained crazy amounts of hatred related to copying artworks of others, my anxiety progressed and I even decided to sell my pen tablet. I didn’t draw completely for three or four months at all. A huge layer of dust covered my drawing tools. Today I decided to start from a scratch and to teach myself from the very beginning. From the point I always wanted it to start. I’ve taught myself how to play the guitar, how to maintain the website and fix various problems, how to deal with the search bots. Now it’s time to learn how to draw.

Day 40

Project 365 of 2017: Day 40
Make it great again, you know

Rain without the end. As my vacation approaching the amount of work is growing. I don’t have a spare time to read tutorials and practice in sketching in my notebook because of the work. So I work. That’s all.

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