Project 365 of 2017: Days 55–64


Posted nothing for a while so 10 days today!

Project 365 of 2017: Days 55–64. Last week of the vacation

Day 55

I started to record my endless “Winds And Windows” album. I’m already tired of it but I really want to finish this recording someday! It means so much to me. I started to record it when I was almost insane of sorrow. And now when I’m playing and practising these songs I’m 27 again. And it tearing me apart.

Day 56

Today I hung with my brother at the granny’s house due to her wedding anniversary.

Day 57

Travelled to a Vyborg today. Totally worth it. Read more about that trip here. Photos included!

Project 365 of 2017: Day 57
Ribka Dory

Day 58

Important news about my future music plans!

You all know that I decided to end my “The Promised Songs” covers series at the end of 2016. I thought that I’ll be able to maintain good output speed for creating dedicated albums of covers just like this one. But it turned to be almost impossible. So today I’m starting a new series for random covers which is called “At Least Listen”. I like how it sounds! I hope that it will give me enough time to release random songs and to create my own dedicated arrangements. This name is very important for me because it shows the bottom of the deepest ocean where my art is dwelling now. I hope that someday people will at least listen to my music…

Day 59

Almost all the day I created a video from the Mon Repos park. I decided to make it a little bit sad, so I desaturated it and add some melancholic music from the free music online database. I’m not trying to achieve specific goals with this video series but only to collect memories. I’ve started “On The Road” series almost 5 years ago. And I’m not planning to end it soon.

Day 60

I updated my website discography to the actual version with the new release I recorded several days earlier. Now everything works fine to me. You can check it here!

Day 61

I let it go today. I need to change my focus. So I focused on YouTube and decided to relax a day. I did nothing, and nothing happened. It’s cold outside to go somewhere. This Summer is a lot like a late Autumn or even colder. It’s impossible to stay focused all the time. Also, I experienced another wave of pain in my stomach and tried to do something relaxing.

Day 62

Today I visited my local bookstore and bought three new books. Two authors are unknown for me, but I hope for the best! Annotations were really promising. The third one is a new book by Julian Barnes who I loved to read several months ago. Also, I’m reading my e-book from time to time. I have a huge and epic book in its memory and hope to end it at least to the end of an Autumn.

Day 63

The last day of my vacation. We planned to record a video for the Katatonia song with my friends, but one of them suddenly wasn’t able to come so, our plans get failed. I hate when this happens! But in this situation, we had nothing to do with it.

Project 365 of 2017: Day 63
Depression time!

Day 64

And so I’m back to the work again. Goodbye my free time, goodbye not-so-early wake-ups. Seems that these two weeks were quite calm. I didn’t miss a thing. Nothing happened. I feel endlessly tired and sleepy…