Project 365 of 2017: Days 65–70


A tough week!

Project 365 of 2017: Days 65–70. Reading and working

Day 65

I hate Tuesdays. I hate when it not rains but it pours. I hate to see grumpy faces on the train. There’s always something happens on Tuesdays. Today was an iconic Tuesday with the shit, the hatred and the procrastination.

Day 66

I’m thinking about turning my website which is the blog now into a magazine-like platform with a variety of articles. I’m still undecided though. It may be a good idea because I write often on various themes which are tending to pull my cornerstone articles about music and other stuff down into the Abyss. Turning The Black Sessions into a magazine can solve that problem. On the other hand, I will force myself to write really often and become a victim of my own changes which is not good. What do you think?

Day 67

I was absolutely devastated by hearing about Chester’s death. I decided to write something about this loss and even wrote, but still can’t publish this note on the website. But surely I will do.

Day 68

A big conference took place today! We spent several hours talking about work issues with various people. Time flies so quickly when you have something to do and when you can change things (this is a lie). Our Science Center is not a place where the voice of the young is heard at all. You’ll be likely fired or thrown into a stupid paperwork then granted a permission to change things. because such actions require a responsibility. Nobody likes the responsibility.

Day 69

Another lazy Saturday. My Japanese classes have ended for this summer so I’m sitting home and recording my stuff.

Day 70

Today I finished a book by Deni Y. Béchard called “Vandal Love”. I’ll write the review soon! It’s a really strange book and the author presents himself as a fusion of Jack Kerouac and Gabriel García Márquez. This is a book about a big family, about wandering on the road and searching an own place in the constantly changing world. It feels so “One Hundred Years of Solitude”-ish! The doom and the fate are the main themes of this novel as well as running away and the person’s will. Totally worth it.