Project 365 of 2017: Days 71–77


I finally understood how to write “project 365” posts. I think that one post per week works fine for me.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 71–77. Hand in hand with pain

Day 71

Hate these Mondays when you wake up, and it hurts. And you need to go to the work, and say routine hello’s and pretend that you are ok.

Day 72

Yesterday it was a natural disaster, so I stayed at home today and suffered alone.

Day 73

Later I suddenly understood that it was a bad idea to watch three concerts of Black Veil Brides in the row. And now I’m fighting with thoughts that I need to compose another kind of music, dye my hair black as night and stuff. My problem is that I’m distracting very often. I like to start new projects, create things and history for them. But soon later I become bored. That’s why I’ve composed an album but still unable to record it. It’s my eternal pain in the ass.

Day 74

I have really weird dreams last days. It seems that my mind is trying to tell me something, and I realise that I do many things wrong. And by “many things” I mean music and drawings. And this blog of course. I still can’t realise how to get all things done… I used to think you just create things you like and share them with others. But it seems that nobody care.

Day 75

Met with my brother today and helped him to pack all the stuff for his trip to the village. We’re unable to meet often as in our childhood, but we are still friends.

Day 76

Project 365 of 2017: Day 76
Alina-san and me

A traditional rainy Saturday in Saint-Petersburg. We’ve met with Alina-san and went for a walk. Experienced a very loud and overcrowded bike-fest in the city centre, walked by the river bank and rested in the cosy cafe. I like to explore the city. Unfortunately, I do it pretty rarely. There was a time when I packed my things and went into the wild almost every weekend. These times are gone, and I’m very sad.

Day 77

Spent all the day at home because my stomach hurts again. I like this kind of relaxing days when you can just sit, read, listen to music and write something. But the pain is a very distracting factor.