Project 365 of 2017: Days 78–84


I was so busy last week that I even didn’t have time to write posts here. A lot has happened. August has begun, then I met with my old friend, dyed my hair and recorded a new video. The wet season is here. I’m pretending that I live somewhere in the water world: it’s hard to find at least two days without a rain in a row. Our local river banks became flooded, and gravel paths are almost impassable. The wet season always brings a pain into my body. I can’t sleep well.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 78–84. Rainy thoughts and deeds

Day 78

Today I received a letter from the Bandcamp staff. It turned out that I can’t upload my musical covers to their website if I don’t have permissions from original musicians. I don’t have, so I was asked to delete them. So sad…

Day 79

So I established my own shop here, on this website, but it’s still under construction. I think that I’ll share a link soon.

Day 80

A friend of mine from my old digital painting classes wrote me today and asked if I could teach her to play the guitar. As I don’t have students right now, I gave my permission. I’m very excited to start the teaching process again!

Day 81

Project 365 of 2017: Day 81
“Up On Poppy Hill” by Hayao Miyazaki
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After almost one and a half years of silence, we’ve finally met with my old friend and watched Hayao Miyazaki’s anime this evening. When you are not communicating for a long time, something breaks. It’s very hard to build broken relationships from the scratch again, but I’ll try to do my best. It was very dark and quiet. We sat near watching to “From Up on Poppy Hill” by Hayao Miyazaki and almost didn’t talk. But I believe we were able to catch that magic atmosphere as several years ago. We grew up, Spring has turned into Summer and warm and sunny morning turned into the cold and rainy evening. But it was here again. It’s hard to be very friendly when you need to fight with social awkwardness almost all the time, so I went to sleep almost immediately after the movie’s end. Last but not least, I was devastated by its emotional power.

Day 82

It’s time to be beautiful again! Spent an evening in a company of my favourite barber at “Good Habit” barbershop. I’m trying to grow up the most epic hair I’ve ever had, but sometimes it pisses me off. I’m even thinking of changing my haircut again.

Day 83

Today I spent 8 longest hours in a row composing my new arrangement. I’ve chosen 12 Stones band. This is a traditional Christian nu-metal band from 2000’s. I was a huge fan of them almost 10 years ago. So I decided to record a cover song for one of their most popular track called “Lie To Me”. This track exists in two versions: acoustic and nu metal. I wasn’t able to select one of them as I extremely love both versions. That’s why I decided to record a mixed track containing both versions. I worked very hard! I might say I’m feeling ok with the final result.

When I moved to patootie’s home, we dyed my hair. Now I’m a grey-haired again!

Project 365 of 2017: Day 83

Day 84

An epic rainfall happened today. I rode in the bus and watched as waves of water and mud from nearest cars crash into our windows and even get into the bus. Happily, I somehow evaded all most terrible moments and was at home clean and dry. Later this evening I’ve met with my friends, and we recorded a new video for my latest Katatonia song. I hope that I’ll be able to upload the final version later this week.

After the recording, we sang a little. We started to record “Lie To Me” arrangement with my vocal teacher. It has started good, but then something suddenly went wrong and we decided to make a break.