Project 365 of 2017: Days 92–98


Well, it was a tough week. A lot has changed in my perception of Russian laws and internet privacy. But, well, it should have happened someday. The earlier — the better. The only thing we can do in a critical situation is to adapt and save what’s still able to be saved. So did I. This month was really hard for this website. I might say that I’ve abandoned it for a while, but it’s not true. I’m working on it. And I’m trying to make it better every day.

Project 365 of 2017: Days 92–98. Website and other events

Day 92

Today I got my MRI appointment and contacted our local MRI centre. It’s really hard to work when such a serious event awaits you. I wasn’t able to concentrate and do things. I simply sat staring somewhere over the monitor and thought stupid thoughts.

Day 93

A day full of doctors, medical analyses and stuff. Spent a hell bunch of money, got my MRI results and thought about future actions. What should I do? I don’t know yet. Attending to a swimming pool is a good idea, but it’s not a panacea in my situation.

Day 94

Back to work. It sounds like “back from the dead”, and I might say it’s so damn true! I hate my condition. I hate when it hurts daily and in the night when I’m unable to relax and sleep. When dark dreams as heavy as nightmares came and you lay sleepless in your bed, sweating and suffocating. The gloomy morning comes, and I should go to my work, where I’m trying to be useful. But everything I really want and need is to become calm and rest well.

Day 95

My friend contacted me today and gave a link to our new Russian law which restricts things we can do with users data. And by users data, I mean comments, IPs, emails and so on. According to this law, it’s almost impossible to blog as earlier, because from now on we need to register in the special organisation, move our servers in Russia (mine, for example, are in the USA) and declare the special Personal Data Policy, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. Intruders fines are quite high — from $500 to $5000!

I decided to turn my website into the full informational project. It means no commenting, no newsletter subscriptions and so on. I simply don’t want to collect any users data.

From now on all commenting is moved to my Facebook and Vkontakte communities. You can find links in the sidebar. It’s extremely sad to delete all comments which mean a lot to me. It’s already a history.

Day 96

Spent all day trying to adjust the new design, but encountered several critical errors and gave up. I decided to reinstall my website, remove comments system and newsletter subscriptions and slightly improve the performance. You still can subscribe to my newsletter though. Just hit that button in the black stripe at the bottom of the screen, and your default email client will be opened. You can write me whatever you want, and I’ll add your address to my mailing list.

Day 97

Today I’ve met with my friends from our local singing, drawing and musical communities. Together we went to the recording studio where we participated in the singing seminar organised by our vocal teacher. We listened to music, discussed the singer profession and talked to real musicians who had the big live performance experience. Totally worth it.

Day 98

Spent a day with patootie who has left her work. Now she is an official jobless person. She has a lot of plans and activities though. I hope she’ll be able to make her living without the urgent need to find another office work.