Another day, another week. August comes to its end, Autumn is somewhere near. It’s already dark in the evenings, and mornings are cold, rainy and sometimes misty. I’ve changed my apparel from the “Summer edition” to the “Autumn style”. Remembering the past Summer there’s almost no difference between them. I like Autumn. I enjoy its coldness and smell of the rotting soil and leaves when everything is red and yellow. I often remember my past Autumns when I was young and really happy. Now I’m happy too, but it’s a little bit different sense of happiness. I still try to recall the way of thinking I experienced earlier. Is it true that I’m unable to gain joy from the things I enjoyed earlier? Why did this happen?

Project 365 of 2017: Days 99–105. With friends

Day 99

This week has started with endless rains. Nothing changed in our working swamp.

Day 100

Working hard as never before…

Day 101

Practiced all the day due to the upcoming autumn season in my Japanese school. I probably should say that I forgot many things, but it’s not quite the truth. I forgot several grammar rules indeed, but my vocabulary base is still on the same level as it was before.

Day 102

In the evening Svetlana came to visit me at my house. She brought photos from the last Saturday’s event. It’s very cold outside now. Heavy rain pours down on everything… Even umbrellas can’t save you! She came very wetly and tired, so I had to give her my pants in which she came back home later. Fortunately, it’s dark outside.

Day 103

I felt very sick today. I stayed at home and missed my work. Seems fine to me, but the monthly salary will be quite low because I’ve already missed three days in this month.

Day 104

Spent a day at home alone working on my website and preparing for my Japanese language school’s new season which will start soon. There are still a lot of work to do regarding my website, but I can see the end from the place where I am now. I post old pictures and check all the links. The vast majority of my posts will never be outdated because they contain reviews. So they should be written as good as possible.

Day 105

Today we’ve met with my old friend and spent a day together. We haven’t seen each other for months, and I was really happy to see her again. We played guitar and ukulele and even recorded our first collaboration video! We didn’t practice a lot so it sounds a little bit out of tune. But give us a discount! We’ve never sung together before this day. I’ve been a little bit nervous and failed several times. I hope that this video will start a series of my raw covers recorded directly on my camera without any pre-recorded tracks. Also, I think that we’ll meet again soon and record something else.

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