Pure Wrath — “Ascetic Eventide” (2017)


I always knew that Indonesia can rock. This uncompromised and evil release from West Java by one man band Pure Wrath shook me to depths. While listening I thought that it is another Norwegian or American example of pure atmospheric black metal, but it turned out to be Indonesian release. “Ascetic Eventide” is so traditional and canonical release that I literally can’t even.

Ascetic Eventide

“Ascetic Eventide” is full of hate and anger. Nuclear warhead blast beats, squalling guitar and a perfect grim voice make this release an outstanding example of black metal as it was invented. As it should be (with the correlation on the better and modern sound quality).

It reminds me of latest atmospheric black metal releases I’ve heard: “Trauma” and “Aokigahara” by Harakiri For The Sky. But I should admit that “Ascetic Eventide” sounds simpler with an overwhelming amount of pure hate. When I’m thinking about my own black metal experiments, I’m leaning towards this kind of black metal with simple keys, heavy drums and acoustic backgrounds from time to time.


  1. Colourless Grassland
  2. Mountain Calls
  3. Clouds Retiring
  4. In Cold World
  5. Pathetic Fantasies
  6. Between Water and Winds


Atmosphere. As said before, this album is a masterpiece. And by writing “masterpiece” I mean “its atmosphere is brilliant”. I assume that “Ascetic Eventide” was heavy influenced by traditional Norwegian black metal because it sounds so true! It’s cold, raw and terrifying.


Repetitiveness. I consider it not as a “cons” but as a system problem of the whole genre. It’s hard to create something unique from track to track when you have a bunch of strict rules. “You are not allowed to do this, you are not allowed to do that” and so on… And I’m glad that Pure Wrath is able to experiment in such a crappy conditions.


I was charmed by “Ascetic Eventide” and consider it as so far the best atmospheric black metal album of this summer.

Album cover via purewrath.bandcamp.com