My website was dead for quite a long time — thanks to our new law which affected all the bloggers in Russia. From now on you can’t comment my posts and can’t subscribe to recent updates. I have nothing to do with the commenting system, but subscriptions will be restored soon in slightly another way. The main problem is that I can’t collect users information (names, emails, etc.) anymore. I even had to delete my website and restore it from scratch! All my posts are available now, but images are still in the process of uploading. But this post is not about our laws and restrictions. It’s about the book I’ve managed to finish two weeks ago. It’s called “Watership Down”.

Watership Down

What I want to say. I’m a 30 years old man, I’ve read a fantasy fairy tale book about humanised rabbits. I’m absolutely happy and content with that. This book is based on a tale which Richard Adams told to his daughter. Later he decided to publish this tale as a book. Surprisingly, “Watership Down” became very popular! I wasn’t sure about this book. I almost never read various tales and fantasy stories. But this one bribed me with the strong feeling of nature, rabbits (like them!) and epic travelling atmosphere. I might say, this is the “animal Lord Of The Rings”.

We have a group of rabbits who decided to leave their rabbit town and move somewhere else to save themselves from the human assault. One of the rabbits in the group has an ability to predict various events, and when everyone believed to his words, they moved on. Their road was long and scary, full of cats, birds, dogs and human beings. But as the story unfolds, we realise that the worst enemy is the creature of the same kind.

Richard Adams — "Watership Down" (1972)
“Watership Down” quote


Epicness. This book is so damn epic! It even contains detailed maps of animals adventures.

Language. It was a really hard job to stop reading this book. When I’m really interested in whats going on between letters and words I begin to read very fast and literally rush through pages. When I read this book, my eyes hurt almost all the time.

Plot. I honestly like the idea of humanised animals. These rabbits can talk, they even have their own lore and thoughts. It’s very interesting! They think as natural humans and represent the humankind.


There are no cons in this book. I’ve absolutely loved it.


If you are tired from modern literature and want to distract yourself with something completely different, then you definitely should give “Watership Down” a try! This is a very honest book about a friendship, an honour and a mutual assistance.

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