Rimruna — “Der Hatz entronnen” (2017)


It seems that I’ve found another greatest in its epicness black metal album! “I’m listening” to “Der Hatz entronen” and basically can’t stop to do that. I thought that its almost impossible to find a really good black metal release nowadays. But one of my favourite black metal communities shared a link to this album and I’ve immediately become a fan of Rimruna.

Der Hatz entronnen

To be honest, “Der Hatz entronnen” is not a pure and raw black metal. It lays somewhere on the border between true black with all its anger and hatred and atmospheric black metal. From the first head of the genre, it has blast beats and hatred, as mentioned before. From the second head — memorable melodies, nice arpeggios and a big song timing.

There are no keys in the album, or they’re too quiet, so it’s not a “true” atmospheric” black metal. I’ve never listened to such mix of genres before. This release reminds me of an early Immortal and Darkthrone albums. I’ve tried to compare it to modern releases such as ones from Harakiri For The Sky, but Harakiri is mixed better. For me, it sounds more “old school” than new Harakiri For The Sky.


  1. Unrast
  2. Tor der Zeit
  3. Wirren
  4. Der Hatz entronnen
  5. In Ewigkeit versunken
  6. Erwacht aus leerem Schlummer


Atmosphere. Well… Songs are amazing! Long, interesting and very anxious. Guitar arpeggios are not common in the black metal, but in that somewhat “punked” release they have taken the right place and sounds very natural.

Voice. Classical grim-voice! How long haven’t I heard of true and old school black metal vocals? I don’t know. Maybe from times when I decided to dig something new in modern releases instead of digging in the past.


I really don’t know what to write here. It is the first review where I wasn’t able to find bad sides in the music!


Definitely, worth listening. Almost raw and true black metal release with classic vocals and drums, interesting guitars and memorable songs.

Album cover via naturmachtproductions.bandcamp.com