Ten years of friendship


Today is another anniversary: ten years since we’ve first met with Ømhet — my closest friend from the opposite part of our big country. Also, she made this crazy yet hilarious picture. It was hard years with hate and anger, fear and dare. But our friendship withstood all the misery.

Ten years of friendship

We have met in the old MMORPG called “Ragnarok Online”. It was 2007 and my very first day in this game. It is really a miracle how we met. There are hundreds of players walking in the capital of the country doing things and talking. It was totally an accident that we stopped by and began to talk. It all has started then. We played together, then we played alone, then we didn’t play at all, but our friendship lasted even without meetings in the real life.

We talked each day and tried to find a way how we can meet somewhere, someday. God knows, it has taken almost 8 years to finally meet! We get used to the snail mail. It’s an indescribable feeling when you finally get a note from the local post office! A mail, a long-awaited envelope, a postcard, a box with books, hand-drawn pictures, maps and other stuff… In my darkest days, I waited for our midnight online meetings. These events were the only light when it was hard to live. We didn’t talk for almost a year after a stupid quarrel. I cried like a girl when finally get an unexpected mail. Our friendship continued. I think that that departure did a favour to us. We have finally understood that certain knots can’t be cut.

I often think about our very first talk. The chance that we will ever meet was pretty small. It’s wonderful how such a small chances can determine our future living, our interests, passions and everything else.

I think I’ll write more about our friendship soon. I need to sit ant to think a little.