To Forest Bird. A poem


I’ve never thought that I’ll be able to write in English, but it turned out that I can. There’s a lot of mistakes I’ve corrected and a lot of missed ones. English is not my native language, so make a discount and help me to improve it.

To Forest Bird

This short poem is based on a dramatic story from my life which is hard to forget. And I refuse to forget. A long story, totally worth it, and I don’t want to regret. There’s no time to regret because life goes on. Rhyme is quite hard to catch, but it exists.

I’ve listened a lot to La Dispute band last months and somehow it affected me. You probably should listen to their song “Nine” from “Here, Hear III” here. Rhymes are quite similar. If you like it, or hate it — in any case write your thoughts in comments section, I appreciate it.

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My lost friend, are you okay there
Never thought I’d ever say
How I missed your sixty inches
And how I wanted you to stay
In the days when autumn cast its shadows
Slowly on the ground
Guess I see your silhouette
Hear your footsteps muted sound
I remember — still perfectly
Days when travelled we abroad
How we spoke our different languages
And shared our every thought
Fought our demons in the darkness
On the long and unseen path
Mixed sweat in gym and tried to deal
With sacred inner wrath
Days are gone and only memory
Still wandering in my head
Write these letters on my chest
When I’ll be old and almost dead
And tear the skin from all my body
Make a flag and wave it high
So you’ll see it accidentally
I’ve not forgotten it when I might