Tsubame. A new Japanese language community


Two weeks passed since I entered a new Japanese language community called Tsubame in our school. I wrote about that briefly here. Now I experienced all the studying cycle with all the teachers and met all the members. I had a strong feeling of prejudice regarding the Tsubame, but happily, it was not confirmed.


There are four members in the Tsubame community, and how I was able to understand later, they all belong to the one family. That means that they almost don’t miss the lessons and are educating constantly. Their age is same as mine.

Theoretically, I know more than they all, but practically they are way forward than I. I don’t know how has it happened as we all belong to the same school with the one educational program. But their lexicon is much better than mine and they know a lot more kanji even if I learned more kanji lessons.

We meet on the Saturdays and learn Japanese for three hours straight. I thought that it would be pretty hard to concentrate for such a long period of time. But it turned to be normal. It’s easier with the teacher from Russia and harder with the teacher from Japan. The first teacher can explain hard things quickly, while the second one can’t.

I think I’m doing okay. No bad thoughts and premonitions about Tsubame at all. Though we’ll have a pause in our practice since the second part of July and until the end of the August. Other members planning to ride to the North and rest a little. I think I’ll spend that free time on self-education and learning new words. The practice shows that I have huge gaps related to the specific lessons in my education and it’s really bad! Nothing I can’t handle with.

Also, I learned that Tsubame is not only a train system in Japan but also a city in the Niigata Prefecture.