Violet Cold — “Anomie” (2017)


“Anomie” by Azerbaijanian band Violet Cold is a good example of the viral and top-rated album (black metal album #1 on the Atmospheric Black Metal YouTube channel where I listen to various releases) which is not as nice as I thought it could be seen from its stats. I gave it a try, was disappointed and now I’m writing this review for people who still want to listen to “Anomie”.


Reviewing black metal albums is a very personal-related job. Every single person has its own ideas of how the black metal should sound like. “Anomie” is not a bad album, but it broke my own ideas with its sound, guitar tone and poetry. These Azerbaijanian tunes are very unusual indeed, but as for me, it sounds weird for black metal. It’s not even an atmospheric black metal at all. I think, that “Anomie” is a far more blackgaze-related release with the lucid atmosphere and Zephyr here and there.


  1. Anomie
  2. She Spoke Of Her Devastation
  3. Lovegaze
  4. My Journey To Your Space
  5. Violet Girl
  6. No Escape From Dreamland


Style. I should admit that Violet Cold has its own recognisable style and outstands the vast majority of the atmosphere black metal-oriented bands. But this band is not mine. I’ll probably give it another chance, but not now.

Variety of songs. It’s hard to create a really different and memorable album in such a genre, but it seems that Violet Cold managed to do it too.


Eastern atmosphere. I simply don’t like it, I don’t like it at all. And I barely can remember a single Oriental release which I enjoyed. I can do nothing with myself.

Guitar tone. It brings me a headache.


Well… When I see something popular in such a closed niche as atmospheric black metal albums I hope that it will be at least not bad. And when I get disappointed in this release, I try to justify my own thoughts and emotions with the one simple but very loud thought: “There’s a big number of really good albums, but why in the world is IT so popular?”

“Anomie” is a very popular album. More than 1 million views! It’s overwhelmingly good for black metal. If only this release was one-third good as its popularity.

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