Vvilderness — “Devour The Sun” (2017)

What happens if we mix Alcest and Harakiri For The Sky?


I’m trying to listen to various music, but it seems that black metal and its subgenres are the most favourite styles for me. For example, yesterday I’ve listened to amazing Omega and got really scared. Today I decided to listen to something more canonical and stopped my choice on a new album by Vvilderness called “Devour The Sun”.

Devour The Sun

“Devour The Sun” threw me back to times when I listened to Harakiri For The Sky and Alcest. I just looked at the album cover and thought, “This is so damn Harakiri For The Sky!”

I wasn’t mistaken, by the way. The atmosphere, riffs, key features and so on are very similar to bands mentioned above. “Devour The Sun” stands as a traditional post-black metal release with various blackgaze features acoustic passages and slightly depressive songs.


  1. Starless Dark
  2. Sól
  3. Devour The Sun
  4. Life
  5. New Earth
  6. Aftershine


Respect the traditions. This album is quite a standard in the whole post-black metal genre. Vvilderness is not a black metal band anymore, but also it’s not a “metal” band yet. The whole genre is so undecided in terms of sound! It takes the atmospheric black metal elements, true black riffs, melodic parts from post-metal and combines a new genre. This is how it works for post-black metal. While listening to “Devour The Sun”, you can expect acoustic fills, harsh vocals, epic and a little bit off-genre intro and outro and other standard hook-ups.


I wasn’t able to find critical mistakes and stuff I totally disliked. This release is pretty good and eclectic.


It’s always hard to review post-black metal releases. They are so neutral in terms of sound and quality. Sometimes it’s hard to separate one band from another, but Vvilderness achieved this specific state of quality when album outstands the horde and can be noticed. Blackgaze elements with traditional atmospheric and post-black metal features work quite well!