Elderwind — “The Magic Of Nature” (2012)


I probably should have written about that album several months earlier, but various releases distracted me. This is the best Russian atmospheric black metal release I’ve ever heard so far.

The Magic Of Nature

I can barely remember when I learned about that band. But I was charmed from the first sight. Hollow and cold keyboards are interlacing with distorted background guitars, Russian lyrics about nature and trees… Everything that I love. Music is quite simple. I might say that “Волшебство Живой Природы” (The Magic Of Nature) is the most traditional atmospheric black metal with cliche almost in every song, but it works.

I don’t know how, but it works with one band while not works with dozens of others. Elderwind is everything you should and probably want to know about atmospheric black metal at all. Just listen to it while you are lying down in your bed in darkness. Close your eyes and try to understand lyrics (even it’s harsh). What do you think about? Maybe it is desolation or solitude? Or endless oceans of trees and cold air? This is how “The Magic Of Nature” works.


  1. В снегах (In the Snow)
  2. Волшебство природы (The Magic of Nature)
  3. Сияние звезд (Shining Star)
  4. Природа застыла во сне (The Nature Stuck in a Dream)
  5. Последняя зимняя ночь (Last Winter’s Night)
  6. Приближение весны (The Approach of Spring)
  7. Когда вновь начнется дождь (When the Rain Starts Again)
  8. Холод в душе (Cold in the Soul)


Elements of doom metal. Atmospheric black metal releases are sad. It is not a rule, but a common feature of this genre. “The Magic Of Nature” is sad too. It’s very sad, indeed! I like how these cosmic keys are working with “it’s all about nature” vocals and guitars.

Atmosphere. This is what that album was created for.


Repetitiveness. It’s hard to separate every single song from another one. But I tend to think that it’s a “feature”. This album is good as a monolith, not as the “song by song” work.


Definitely, worth listening. One of the best Russian black metal releases, even now.

Album cover via nihilart.bandcamp.com