Too epic, too big and too gay for me. 720-pages book which I bought in Tallinn in February is almost over, but I can’t force myself to end this one. I tried, I tried really hard during this month or so, but it’s not “my” book. So I decided to abandon reading, which is a rare case in my experience.

A Little Life

This book was so promising!

A great story about four men, their friendship and living in New York City. We can see as they growing older: Malcolm, JB, Willem and Jude. As they each become successful in their respective fields. As they trying to maintain their friendship through all these years. Jude is the centre of this friendship: almost closed up in his mind, continuously suffering from leg and spinal pains from a car accident. He barely speaks about himself. So fragile and unsure in his own feelings and feelings of others.

Homosexual part of a plot is also strong in “A Little Life”. While Jude continues to be professionally successful his friends and family question his lack of romantic relationships as he enters his forties. Willem confesses to being baffled that he does not even know if Jude is gay or straight. This question is a little bit complicated as I still can’t understand Jude and his motives. He cuts himself, sleeps with men, but seems not to be enjoying sex.

“A Little Life” has a slow start. Almost 200 pages of nothingness: Jude cuts himself, suffers, tries to confess about his past and so on. Quite a boring stuff! I became interested in the plot only in the middle of the book, but moving towards the end was a really hard work!


Book edition. Simple yet perfect. I enjoyed holding this book in my hands. The design is a masterpiece!

Strong plot. This book has an interesting plot, though slowly revealing. It takes a lot of patience to understand and begin to love “A Little Life”.


Too boring. Nothing happens in this book. Almost nothing. Why there are 720 pages? 350 is sufficient.

Homosexual subtext. Too much. I like this subject if it moderately presented in the book. But there are tonnes of it!


Meh. Boring start, promising middle part and boring end. Despite the length and difficult subject matter of the book, it became a bestseller. Maybe you’ll find “A Little Life” interesting.

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