Lonely Star — “The Ritualist” (2017)


It was absolutely unexpected short musical release which left me speechless.

The Ritualist

I’m still very undecided in the matter of genres. It’s hard to determine and separate a post black metal from the atmospheric black metal or even from DSBM. So I almost randomly added this band to one of the tags.

Never heard about Lonely Star before. As I like to listen to various unknown bands, I gave it a try and wasn’t disappointed. “The Ritualist” is another (one of the thousands) atmospheric black metal EP from the US. Uncommon thing is that Lonely Star is a one girl band. Girls are rare in the black metal… She plays guitar, screams, does clean vocals from time to time and so on.


  1. Birth of a Ghost
  2. The Ritualist
  3. Death in Grace
  4. Haunted Kingdom
  5. And Then the Snow Fell


Keys. Sounds fine to me. Violins… It’s not so popular atmospheric instrument for black metal. Many bands prefer to use various air pads and other unrecognisable stuff.

Guitars. Reminds me of Alcest and other French shoegazing music.


Vocals. This is a really shitty part of all “The Ritualist” release. A girl sounds like a howling wind between buildings. It’s absolutely impossible to understand lyrics at all. I’m not sure that they even exist! I consider it as an another atmospheric element of this release.


I don’t know what to say. Musical part is very “classic” and predictable. You receive everything you want: atmosphere, faded guitars, hatred, anger, enormous blast beats, violins, headbang moments. Vocals are a failure which ruins everything. The mixing is pretty good and sharp. “The Ritualist” is a pretty well mastered and at the same time very raw EP. I like this kind of audio editing in the black metal.

I even don’t know whether recommend it to you or no.

Album cover via lonelystar.bandcamp.com