Weird dream. War and the Emperor of Japan


I had a really weird dream yesterday. Everything was pale coloured, muted and lucid. A light breeze swayed the curtains with a rustle. The overall mood in that dream was very similar to that old story from my mind. I sat with Emperor of Japan in the large dining room and tried to remember the correct form of Japanese verb “to begin”…

Weird dream

For knowledge sake it’s a “hajimemasyou”, but I wasn’t able to remember it correctly. Instead, I said “hajimou” and triggered the World War III in seconds.

Next scene. Overcrowded hall. We are sitting in the middle of the room with Emperor of Japan and Karai, a purple-haired gal from New Art School where I learned how to draw for almost two years. We weren’t close, we had almost never spoken. I barely can remember her voice. So her appearing in my dream is still a riddle for me. We sat in silence. Emperor of Japan listened to the news on the radio, I tried to remember the correct form of this stupid verb it was useless now though…

War has begun. I was recruited to SFD — Self-Defence Forces. Being a part of the SDF, I joined the armed militia squad and began to patrol the city. With my teammate, we were involved in a case with strange school, which recruited girls for studying a ballet dance. These girls never came back and nobody has ever seen them since their first exams.

We searched all the school building from the basement to the roof, found a lot of girls in costumes. Seems that they all were possessed with some kind of a strange and evil power.

I’ve lost my teammate. We were together, and now I’m alone. I tried to resist an evil power but failed. As life left my mortal body I saw the Emperor of Japan. He said, “It’s only your fault. Your stupid mistake led to that stupid war which cancelled the seal of these school demons. Hajimemasyou. Remember it. That’s the correct form. Hajimemasyou.” I think that it’s the weirdest dream in all my life!